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The New CD "Music City Jam, Live In The Studio" is
Available Now On Our Merchandise Page!
"I give this CD, my highest rating, Five ***** Excellent CD... Thoroughly enjoyed it...
Highly Recommended....
John Vermilyea, Blues Underground Network

"Blues doesn't get any rougher than this. It's Thorogood meets Hendrix squared!"
Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro, Blues Editor at Mary 4 Music

"We first saw Robin Jr. several years ago...he couldn't have been more than twelve or
thirteen years old. But, even then...he possessed a vast knowledge of the great
players and their styles
... they comprise a formidable power trio and they parley their Hendrix and Cream
inspired sounds thru eleven cuts of rock infused blues that allows Robin Jr. to stretch
out and experiment with some deep solos... The fellows kick start things with a
blistering take on Big Joe Williams Baby Please Don't Go"...
Sheryl and Don Crow, Nashville Blues Society

"There are plenty of great young blues and blues rock guitar players these days, but
Robin sets himself apart from the crowd. His intensity and passion really come across
on this CD! ...this disc is killer..."
Lew Jetton, Lew Jetton and 61 South

"The Robin Thrush Jr. Band is the real blues rock deal...Robin Jr.'s guitar work is way
ahead of it's time..."
Little Johnny Kantreed

"...amazing guitar playing, you guys sound great!"
Uli, Black Cat Bone, Germany

"Fantastic version of Baby Please Don't Go!"
After Blues Band, Poland

"...love your music so so much...you rock! "
Yasmin Reese, Germany

"Dude, Robin doesn't play guitar hero, he is a guitar hero!"
Dario Kebara

"...this kid can really play, with soul and style, and this CD proves it!"
Eric Maxwell
Music City Jam becomes a CD Baby top seller in nine days

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